A Road Trip

First I had planned to take this road trip across New Mexico in the summer of 2012 for the purpose of birding. But then my situation changed. I was moving into a new place to live, and that took centre stage.  All my spare money, time and energy was going into that project: getting moved and furnishing my new place. That was fine. As life brings changes, our priorities shift. No biggie. I could postpone my trip one year.

So then I had planned to make the same trip this year. Then I met Chuck and asked him if he would like to accompany me on my trip. When he said yes, I realized that as long as I had him in the car headed south, we may as well drive a few more hundred miles and let my mom set eyes on him. The plan changed many times over the past few months. She would meet us in New Mexico, we would go to her. We would travel at the end of August. No, in the middle of August.  Well, since Chuck’s work situation has changed earlier than expected, the plan has again changed. It’s good to be flexible, I believe.

The current aim is to leave within a few days. Once we get out there in the southwest, I may find that summer birding in the desert isn’t all that fun. Maybe we’ll manage to get in some dawn and dusk birding, or maybe a lot of sun block and a Tilley hat will help with the sun. I don’t know since I’ve never done this before. What I do know is that we are both ready to go with the flow and flow with whatever happens, allowing priorities to shift with the circumstances. It’s all good.

I hope to see you all back here in about two weeks’ time.

2 responses to “A Road Trip

  1. Oh! Sounds great! I´m having a crash course in flexibility with a house full of teens. :D

  2. Wishing you a wonderful trip! Tell you mom I said hi!

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