Grace in Small Things 206

that free as a bird open road feeling, rolling through different weather systems in awe of every sort of cloud with orange peach purple mauve skylines and sun peeking out at just the perfect moment

singing Rise at the top of my lungs with Eddie Vedder “gonna rise up burning black holes in dark memories gonna rise up turning mistakes into gold” and how that makes my heart burst from that rare feeling of communion with a soul who understands

getting lost and beginning to become upset with myself for never being able to be someone who doesn’t make at least one wrong turn per trip, then quickly melting into forgiveness, flowing with what is already happening, turning mistakes into gold

all the people who helped me find my way into downtown Chicago this morning, including:

the old man with skin the colour of a dark-roasted coffee bean, grey hair and thick lensed glasses making his eyes look huge who–in the Hammond town square–helped me find my way to the I90 after a wrong turn

the young man with a neat fade, kind and bright hazel eyes and cafe-au-lait skin at the South Chicago commuter train station who showed me what to do

2 responses to “Grace in Small Things 206

  1. ~ the quick forgiveness that came to me when my husband yelled instructions to me…I didn’t get caught up in it for more than a second. Being aware of that at the moment was like pure magic.

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