State of the Blog Address

Thank you all so much for your input into my decision process: whether to stop blogging here, start a new blog, or both. I have pretty much decided to do both. Due to your comments and conversations with Chuck, I’ve decided not to stop using this forum to express and share my more personal thoughts and feelings, as I’ve always done.

Chuck feels comfortable blogging with me on a new blog, including having his photo posted! I have already taken about a week’s worth of photos (mostly food but also one of him standing before a dinner he cooked).

The only thing holding me up now is a name / URL for the new blog. All the cute, punny stuff is taken. Some of the titles I’ve wanted to use are too close to the names of other blogs, some of which are about cooking or food but some of which are full of porn. So I have to be very careful when creating the new blog name.  I’m trying to come up with something so unique that a Google search doesn’t take you anywhere but to my blog. I don’t want to duplicate or have a name that is similar to any other website name.

I would like to allude to the area somehow. (Windsor / Detroit)  I would like to focus on the potential for transformation for these two cities, his and mine, as well as discover and showcase the little jewels that are everywhere but go unnoticed by so many (restaurants, events, festivals, groups trying to make a difference–such as Broken City Lab).

The new blog would also be where we could post about trips we take and any other adventures that he’s comfortable sharing with the world.

As for Chuck, he may post the odd socio-political diatribe now and then. That’s yet to be seen. I’ll let him decide what he writes and how often, if at all. I know for sure he’ll be contributing content for my recipe posts. He’s an awesome cook!

Can you help me brainstorm? Even if you just throw a word my way, it will help. Many heads are better than one.

5 responses to “State of the Blog Address

  1. sounds good kelly. How about Winoit. smile.

  2. I love your blog solution… when in doubt, DO BOTH!!!
    Concatenate your two favorite foods and see what you get…
    I started thinking of combinations and landed on “Lettuce Turnip”. I googled the phrase when I got home and found it on a T-shirt with a third veggie… “Lettuce Turnip the Beet”

    So here’s another twist… Turnip4us!

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