Sick but not Bad

First it was the female stuff. My fibroids are swollen and sore now, and I’ve had to cancel yet another blood donation because of menorrhagia. On top of that, I have a muscle spasm in my back that my chiropractor told me yesterday is probably from improperly setting up the ab crunch machine. He says I need to be sitting with my legs and torso at no wider than a 90 degree angle for the crunches. This is difficult to achieve on that particular machine because the place where you tuck your feet under for leverage is way out in front of my body and is not one of the adjustable parts of the machine! He is quite short of stature and could relate to my feeling that the machines are often not designed for us diminutive folks. To top it all off, I haven’t been able to keep food down for about three days. It started with a big raw broccoli salad on Wednesday, which may have been contaminated. Either that or it was just too much raw bulk for my tummy to handle at once. In any case, it came back up at midnight.  The next night, hardly able to eat anything all day, I tried some probiotic yogourt. That came back a few hours later.  Sigh.  So far miso soup stays down, as will a cup of tea or coffee or a few rice crackers.

The interesting thing about all of this is that when I arrived at work yesterday and answered my colleague’s “how are you” query, I just reported the facts. She put the “Oh, so you’re not having a good day” spin on it.  On the contrary, I said, it’s still a good day.  Why condemn the whole day with a negative adjective just because I’m gimping around a little? I know she was just making small talk and my brain is being too literal, but it just got me to thinking about how much my way of seeing the world has changed since doing ACIM and similar mind training. Things are what they are; I no longer find it helpful or necessary to let so-called unfortunate events or circumstances dictate my mood or feelings about that whole day or week.  There is still room for joy. I can spend the day noticing how caring people are toward me while I’m feeling under the weather. I can take the time to thank each one of them for small gestures that help me get through it.

I’m still just so thankful for Patti Digh and the Complaint-free World challenge that I did many moons ago. My thinking hasn’t been the same since I finally, after about five months, made it through 37 straight days of no complaining, gossiping, whining or criticizing.  Neuroplasticity rocks.  The brain CAN be changed.

6 responses to “Sick but not Bad

  1. Kelly, I agree, though sometimes I do forget and can still whine and complain, I do catch myself very fast these days :-).
    I hope you are all better fast.

  2. I came here to look for your url address because I´m writing about the women who shaped my life in recent years and AGAIN you reminded me about everything I learn from you and the way you look at life. :)

  3. hope you are feeling better. i have noticed that when I just report the fact of my life, with no judgement, others often interpret it as if I am complaining or making a judgement when all I’ve said is “i feel sad” or whatever. Or maybe “sad” is a judgement?

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