Monkey Mind and Infatuation

Meditation becomes especially important now.

Everyone knows what infatuation feels like.  I spend a lot of time engaged with Monkey Mind. I do, that is, if I allow it. Or I can pull myself back to the one precious present moment. I can centre once again on the breath. I can find teachings to help me, such as this one. I appreciate very much what that blogger is getting at.

It’s relatively easy for me to remember that happiness doesn’t come with more money. I taught myself a while ago the folly of “when” and “if” thinking when it comes to happiness.  Some people spend their whole lives thinking they’ll be happy after they get that promotion, after the credit card is paid down, after the kid moves out, after they lose that weight, …

It can be harder for me to remember the same lesson when it comes to another person, especially in the early stages of getting acquainted. But happiness, as the article explains, does not come from an object or person outside of us. It comes from the mind.

I’m finding it very challenging not to spend a lot of time projecting, a lot of time fantasizing about that thing we mistake for something real: the so-called future. Like all challenging situations, then, it becomes juicy material for my practice.

This morning I sat on the edge of the tub with water droplets evaporating from my clean skin and assumed a good straight posture for meditation. Feet flat on the floor. Spine straight. Why not now? Why not here? One hundred in breaths, one hundred out breaths.  It didn’t take much longer than I normally spend at one or two stop lights on the way to work. Anyone can carve out that much time from the beginning of their day to get grounded.

It helped. I feel calm now. Monkey mind is still playing around, but now it feels more like he’s way off in a back room of the house where I occasionally still hear his voice, but no longer up in my face begging for attention at every turn like a whiny, bored toddler.

This is a good thing.

One response to “Monkey Mind and Infatuation

  1. you have a lot of self control. On the other hand, what is infatuation for but to daydream about possible scenaros once in awhile. it seems pretty natural and normal to me as long as one doesnt believe these scenarios and knows they are just daydreams and out of the ground of the present moment. there is some pleasure in such things.

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