Getting Unstuck

There sure is a lot happening in my life right now, all of it very exciting.

Although my employer still hasn’t been able to tell me what’s happening with my classes or all of our jobs, I’m okay with that. I’m just going to live today for today and deal with tomorrow when it’s more than a figment of my imagination.

The most important thing that has happened to me recently was a Faster-EFT session with Olivia via Skype. (Here is her new website.) We worked on an OLD story that I’d been stuck in for 49 years. We worked non-stop for almost two hours. I cried through most of it. She was really awesome and I dare say the session was life altering in a deep, deep way.

Now I feel more self confident than I’ve ever felt before. I have begun eating better and went out the other day to buy the clothes and shoes I’ll need when I start to exercise, swim, do yoga, tai chi, cycling or whatever I decide to do to get my body up off the couch more often this spring and summer.

Also, … I’m dating. And that is going VERY well.

9 responses to “Getting Unstuck

  1. Forward momentum!! Happy Spring!

  2. I am very, very excited for you, Kelly! I am so glad that the FasterEFT session was positive, powerful, and that you continued to reinforce what you learned from yourself with your own personal work…I am glad that you are moving forward in a direction that will give you even more insight and lead you to where you want to be. xoO

  3. I didnt know Olivia did EFT. I’ll check it out. Kelly, so glad for all the good things that are happening in your life. also, calming to read of your attitude toward the uncertainties that are in your life right now. suki

  4. Kelly, that’s so apropos! DeeperEFT is precise! Since I am so verbose, I would call it DeeperFasterBetterEFT :)

  5. Suki, FasterEFT uses parts of old-style EFT, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnotism, and some matrix reimprinting as well. It is an evolving modality, so as newer and more effective techniques are developed, they will be incorporated too…

    • Matrix reimprinting sounds sci-fi!

      • olivia brown

        It does, doesn’t it? And in a way, it sort of is. Technically, we can go back and change the memory to what we wish it was. And since it’s our movie and everything is an interpretation, isn’t that possible? This is something for the mind to play with. :) xoO

      • Okay, yeah, I get it. My memory of that day outside the hospital is now different. Now there is an adult there giving lots of love to the child. We rewrote that. Very cool. K

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