Prayer Works in Mysterious Ways

Every time I do it, I get a response from the Universe.

Several times this week I prayed. Some of you have been praying with me, or doing your secular equivalent.

There is always a prayer of gratitude on my lips. Rarely do I use prayer in times of need or desperation. That is probably simply because I am rarely in a place of need. This week, though, I got on my knees. Eeven though I don’t believe in a god in a traditional theistic sense, I believe that kneeling and even touching my forehead to the floor or ground helps. It brings out a feeling of total submission and surrender in me. The physical position of my body helps take this surrender to the cellular and chemical level within me.

I don’t know how prayer works. I don’t know what it is I’m praying to or with. To the Universe? To my Self? Is the response Cosmic or psychological? Does it matter? Not to me. I don’t care how or why it works, I just care that it does.

The answer to my prayers came in the form of something that has nothing to do with my situation at work. That remains unresolved. No. It came in the form of a request for help from a good friend.  Her challenge is a big one. I wouldn’t quite call it a matter of life and death, but it’s right up there with that magnitude of problem.

Suddenly I have a project! I am in a unique position of being able to help with this situation. Yesterday I was buried in my own petty worries and feeling the cumulative weight of a long S.A.D. winter pressing down on me. Today I’ve been injected with a bolt of energy I can’t contain. I’m seized with an urge to spring clean the entire flat. Rugs are airing out on the deck railings. The vacuum cleaner and mop are out. I might sew curtains today!

Today I am not worried about what happens at work. Today there is a bigger problem to be solved, and I will spend this week starting my efforts to help this friend out of her very far-reaching predicament.

4 responses to “Prayer Works in Mysterious Ways

  1. Thank you for the inspiration! I don’t if anyone knows how prayer works, we just know that it does. God is just waiting for us to ask and provide more abundant blessing : )

  2. such a timely post for me to read. been thinking about praying on my knees as you describe. not to any god either, just to the universe I guess. and what a great story of how your prayer was answered.

  3. I hear so many horrible things that happen or have happened to my clients, I always am reminded of that huge shoe up there, that might have my name on it and can fall at any time. I am grateful for each day it doesn’t crash down on me! I like your burst of renewed energy coming out of your desire to help someone else. Appreciate this, I do too!

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