Same Duck?

I saw a rather surprising sight today when I arrived home and stopped on the deck overlooking the Little River to survey the 60+ mallards as they began quacking for their daily ration of scratch meal.  There on the far bank was a lone male Wood Duck, of all things. They migrated south in the fall. But you may remember that of the two families of ducklings that I observed all summer, one little male had an undeveloped right wing. He couldn’t migrate with his buddies and I feared he would starve or freeze this winter.

Could this be the same fellow? He didn’t have full adult breeding plumage like this the last time I saw him, but he did have the beginnings of male facial / head markings. I don’t know how long it takes a male Wood Duck to go from sub-adult to adult plumage. While I was watching him, this guy walked on the bank and swam, but never flew.

Wood Duck


2 responses to “Same Duck?

  1. Such a beautiful duck. I do hope he survives the winter!

    • I discovered it’s not the lame duck. This one can fly and is, for whatever reason, choosing to be here. My bird club found his mate yesterday. They should be fine till spring because the pollution control plant emits warm water. K

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