My Choice for Sushi in Windsor, ON

Until last month, my favourite sushi place in Windsor was The Sushi California Japanese Restaurant on University Avenue West in downtown Windsor (close to Phog Lounge).  I still think the quality of their sushi, tempura and sashimi is top notch, but the new TenKa Sushi at 6415 Tecumseh East is our new sushi destination.  (It’s next to Red Lobster and close to A&W Rootbeer and Starbucks, if that helps.)

Occupying a large stand-alone building that was once a pet store, Tenka offers an all-you-can-eat option at lunch and again at dinner.  I am sold on this concept since I like to mix and match appetizers (edamame, miso soup, seaweed salad), sushi, hand rolls, sashimi, skewers of teriyaki chicken, soba, tempura, red bean ice cream and whatever else I feel like savouring without having to wonder how fast the bill is adding up.

The best part is that I no longer have to dream about our next trip through Waterloo and the opportunity it offers for us to stop at Ye’s Sushi. The experience at TenKa is very much like the one you get at Ye’s.

Everything we ordered was fresh, delicious and authentic–which I feel qualified to judge since living in Japan for a year. The sashimi melts in your mouth, which it should. I can’t say that about all the sashimi in Windsor.

The only caveat I would offer prospective diners is that the wait staff seemed a tad inexperienced and lacking in the ability to anticipate diners’ needs.  I am fully capable of flagging them down as they whiz around the room, though, so that isn’t a deterrent for me.

TenKa Sushi on Urbanspoon

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