Top Searches That Hit My Blog

Search Views
zereshk polo 7
piano windows 4
piano window 3
little messages 3
el mayor windsor menu 3
tacos 2
mom feet pics 2
my buzzcut 2
http://www.abanat 2
how to sew a dress 2
three layer of colour 2
nude person 2
arroz con frijoles 2
analysis of my heart leaps up 1
direction to cutting a dress 1
collect small things 1
little girl chairs 1
tacos con arroz y frijoles 1
oops slip 1
wherever i go there i am 1
foot fetishism 1
how do you make a bust of a dress 1
echols and baldwin 1
how to make tiny boxes 1
underwear drawer 1
travel insurance denials, what to do? 1
salad 1
her feet 1
zereshk polow 1
ruby ring 1
recipe zereshk polo 1
6 degrees of separation to a albert einstein 1
door to nowhere 1
zereshk 1
my uncle once told me about a warrior who had a fine stallion. 1
salad photo 1
scattered minds 1
hafez 1
small things to collect 1
ondeck 1
where cn i find news about my state 1
purple starfish 1
how much fabric to make a long dress size 8 1
the courage to be me 1
whole lotta gelato 1
first great sentence 1
pomegranate and cucumber salad 1
dream about a starving animal 1
layers of colour 1
divine sex

6 responses to “Top Searches That Hit My Blog

  1. What a chuckle! It shows how diverse your posts are!

  2. I would even call the searches bizarre, Kelly. What’s weird is how they end up on YOUR blog as opposed to others. I wonder if they are disappointed or if they find what they want? And if they come back? Makes me wonder what my searches are–I can easily find out :) xoO

    • Olivia, This may just be searches that caused my blog to be brought up in the results list. I’m not sure they generated actual blog visits. However, I can tell which blog posts get a lot of actual reading because I see in my stats reports that certain links in posts have been clicked. For example, I know people read the post about How to Make a Dress because they end up clicking the link to the McCall’s dress pattern that I used. Depending on the topic, my blog will sometimes end up at the top of Google’s search results on certain topics. For example, if you Google “zereshk polo,” my blog post on this Persian recipe will be first in the search results, even before reputable cooking and recipe websites. In some cases this makes me wish I had done a better job when creating the original blog post. At that time, I never expected the post to become a regular resource for people. Two examples of posts I wish I had done better are the one about making a dress and the one about making little boxes out of recycled greeting cards. The visuals could have been a lot better, and the steps broken down more. Oh well. Kelly

  3. These are the ones where people have actually clicked through to your blog, Kelly, not just where they have appeared in a list and been ignored.
    Yes, there were two people out there (or one person twice) who have a thing about seeing pictures of their Mom’s feet and thought that you would be able to sate their appetite in that department.
    I see there is no hit count showing for the final item on the list, “divine sex”. Was that just something that was crossing your mind while you were posting ? …. ;)

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