Bird, Bird, Bird

I’m exhausted, achy, sore, stiff and slightly sunburned. We are headed out for more birding at dawn tomorrow, so I still can’t come up for air long enough to blog.  Many GRACE in SMALL THINGS things arise and fall away every day, going unposted. For now, I leave you with this, the email I sent to the local bird alert listserv. Now I must go sleep.

After work, starting at about 4:30, we checked the row of mixed deciduous and conifers along the south edge of the parking lot across from Sandpoint Beach in Windsor. The entrance to this parking lot is from Florence Ave where it meets Riverside Drive. This row of trees has been very productive for me in past springs.

The trees were FULL of warblers, especially the maples and trees that are just now putting out shoots and catkins, but also an adjacent pine. There were dozens of Yellow-rumps, several Palm, a couple of Black & White, a couple of Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, and an obliging Blackburnian…all at ONE TIME. We sat out the short showers in the car, and for a while the flocks of warblers thinned out a little. We had a male Scarlet Tanager and American Goldfinch, as well.

Making our way to the west end of the parking lot and continuing up the extension toward the stormwater ponds, we had Grey Catbird, Yellow Warbler, Veery, Song Sparrow.

At the stormwater ponds were female Bufflehead, Mute Swan, Killdeer (feigning injury, so we were careful not to step off the path), Great Egret, unknown Sandpiper – possibly Spotted, Tree Swallow, Barn Swallow, Chimney Swifts, Brown-headed Cowbird, Great Blue Heron, White-throated Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Downy Woodpecker. As we stood there watching a muskrat and a nesting swan, a Bald Eagle flew right over, giving us great views.

Calling it a day at 7:00, we headed back to the car, but were still seeing new species, such as Baltimore Oriole.

It was a very birdy day here today!

4 responses to “Bird, Bird, Bird

  1. I thought that’s where you might have been. Have fun. We can wait. :)

  2. Carole Moran

    You want birds?! Come and sleep in my apartment building and leave the window slightly cracked for a light breeze. They will wake you up every morning at about 3:30-4:00! They are very talkative at that time.

    Hope you’re having a great life.

    Terry & Carole Moran

  3. sounds like you are having much fun outdoors and bird seeking. wonderful.

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