Grace in Small Things 11

  • I’m having fun putting together this week’s lesson plans using the World Cup as my topic.
  • It’s hot and humid, so I am going to make my famous GAZPACHO!
  • Tonight a hospice resident who didn’t want the planned supper raved about the omelet I made him instead.
  • A delightful and very smart 9-year-old child came into the kitchen and offered to help us. We managed to find  things for her to help with, like going around all the halls closing the blinds to keep out the heat. She taught me a song to remember the months of the year in French.
  • Lemonade.

4 responses to “Grace in Small Things 11

  1. Unbelievable you are doing another round.
    Sounds wonderful hot weather and Gazpacho! Can’t I come over?

    Have a nice weekend Kelly!

  2. It’s such a great idea to bring the current, real-world stuff into your classroom, Kelly! While it has been a really long time since I was in school, I remember being fascinated at how good some teachers were at making their particular subject relevant, and not only for the long term, but relevant to understanding what was going on around us right that moment.

    • Rick, Thanks for that validation. Each time I make a decision about how to structure a lesson, I tend to second-guess my plans. It’s good to have a little feedback that I might be on the right track. K

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