Grace in Small Things 10

  • I helped set up for the students’ summer party and got to watch their skits, role plays and hat show. Immigrating to a new country and adapting to a new culture is stressful in so many ways. I love knowing that I am a part of an organization that provides a place where new Canadians can come and spend a few hours not just learning English and settlement skills, but just relaxing and laughing, too.
  • Reading a funny book is therapeutic.
  • I got such pleasure from watching the sweet, adorable children who patiently and quietly sat through an hour of speeches without squirming as they waited for it to be time to cut the ribbon.
  • Sylvain and I were waiting alongside one of my neighbours for the elevator. I started talking to Sylvain about how I might integrate World Cup Soccer as a topic into this week’s lessons. The fellow holding his laundry basket thanked me for the idea. He is also new to teaching; he teaches grade 9 geography.
  • The Mayflies have emerged from the still waters of the marina. The swarms are so thick, it’s hard to avoid getting them in your hair or up your nose, which means many people forwent their trail walks tonight. We turned an evening stroll into an opportunity to learn. I lay on my back on the ground and watched the insects’ mating flights. Can you imagine a swarm so thick, it was caught on Doppler weather radar?

What I learned today: that if you put a second comma in the phrase “red, white, and blue,” the second comma is called the Oxford comma. It’s optional.  Some people like it; others don’t.

What I shared or showed: I shared with a fellow teacher a good idea for a topic for this week’s lessons.

One response to “Grace in Small Things 10

  1. I feel very strongly positive about the Oxford comma and always use it, but never knew that it was called that! And I never knew that I could pick whether or not to use it. Lifetime mystery solved!! As always, enjoying the details of your day, Love, O

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