Breathing, Day 1

Just yesterday I said that mornings find me trapped in mind/ego and I work my way back to presence by night.  Not today.  I wonder if becoming aware of that pattern altered it for today.  This morning I had a brief slip when I turned my back on the present moment, but I recovered and the rest of the day was magical.

Ma and I carved three jack-o-lanterns for the front porch.

Patti Digh of 37Days is doing Christine Kane’s challenge to attempt to go 5 weeks without complaining, criticizing, whining or gossipping.  Now I have no illusions that I will be able to succeed 100% every day.  But this is exactly what I am working on right now in my life anyway, so how fortuitous to have others working on it at the same time! LoriLyn of The Dream Life is doing it, too.

For a few days now I have been attempting to become aware every time I am tempted to complain or criticize or offer any sort of inner resistance to what is.  This morning Sylvain admitted to letting something slip his mind, and my first reaction was to get all huffy.  That’s not MY problem.  That’s YOUR problem. YOU forgot. I am NOT going to rescue you.


Who is saying that?  My ego is saying that, that’s who.  A part of me that momentarily wishes to feel bigger than someone else.  The ego wants to lord over him the fact that I can choose to help or not help him out of his predicament.  It’s a power play, nothing more or less.

Oh, sigh.

I did not “welcome the present moment no matter in what disguise it comes.” (A New Earth, p. 201)

When I saw that ego had taken over control of my mouth, I said to myself, “let’s try that again, shall we?”

I took a few deep breaths, told ego to go look for sea shells, grounded myself in my body and responded anew. My day became joyous and effortless from that moment.


I so very much enjoyed watching this YouTube video posted by Patti Digh on her blog today.  With music and pictures, it speaks volumes about this very thing and reminds me a bit of Olivia’s video she made on the way to Costco, too.

As long as we’re talking about challenges, I want to share with you that I have given myself a challenge gleaned from…you guessed it…A New Earth.  Someone was showing Tolle a catalogue of spiritual retreats and workshops, asking if he could recommend one or two.  There were many really good offerings in that catalogue.  Yet he said that if you could become aware of your breathing as often as you can remember to do so every day for one year, it would be more transformative than all those workshops and retreats put together.

So that is what I am going to try to do…become aware of my own breathing as many times each day as I can remember to do so…for 365 days.


8 responses to “Breathing, Day 1

  1. 365 of breathing…that sounds good. Seriously good. I’ve spent the majority of the day working on an essay about breathing space. More than once I’ve stopped to take a deep breath and…oh, every time I feel something good open up inside of me.

    I loved reading this post. It caused me to take several more deep breathes. Thank you for that! :)

  2. oooohhh!! Love your blog!! I’ve been sort of trying to be conscious of complaining…I think you have inspired me to put a little more focus on it. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I plan on adding you to my blog roll.

  3. Looking forward to reading where the no-complaint challenge will take you…

  4. love the personal challenge! and thank you for the reminder to breathe. :-)

  5. And it’s so inexpensive and easy, too, to tune in wherever you are, to the breath.

    I do get a lot of enjoyment from my inner commentary and criticism about others, sometimes kind and sometimes flippy, that I’d miss it if I were to get rid of it.

  6. I SO need all of this too. The breathing awareness and Christine’s challenge as well. Think I will pop on over to her site!

  7. Just want to let you know that the last 24 hours have been magical here, too. Driving the girls to school today, I thought “All that I normally worry about does not touch me in this moment. In this moment, those things are not real. In any moment, those things are not real.” And I felt my hands on the smooth steering wheel, saw the mist over the mountains, and listened to my beloved girls’ voices as they chattered about Halloween. Wonderful.

  8. Another inspirational post, Kelly. I was inspired! I’m joining in with my own version of Complaint-Free. Much love, O

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