New Enterprises

Hello, readers (if I have any left),

I do realize that my readership has dwindled to almost nobody due: 1) in part to the fact that my own energy / creativity / ideas for posts here had, by late 2012, sputtered out, and 2) in part to my having abandoned the blog for a year or more.

I still want to keep this blog open, but really only as my own outlet, which is why I started it in the first place. It’s my journal and I may still use it in that way from time to time. But at this point in my life there is little hope that I will have the time or energy to post regularly. This is because my energies are currently being channelled in so many other directions, the main one being my new-ish career.

I started teaching settlement English in 2010. Now that I have a few years experience under my belt, I’m beginning to give workshops to other teachers. I’m starting my own professional website. I’m thinking of learning to give webinars. I have presented at our annual provincial conference and now need to submit an article to our professional journal in collaboration with my conference co-facilitator. All of that involves a great deal of study, concentration, and TIME.

I steal these pockets of time before and after the loads of lesson planning I do for my two daily classes.


So if this blog languishes for a few months or years, that’s why.

I’m blossoming as a teacher.

And that’s a good thing.